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Where Can I Charge My Electric Car?

EV Charging Station with Chevy Models

When you purchase a new hybrid or electric engine vehicle, you already know that you will be saving on gas but you may be asking yourself “Where can I charge my electric car?” Electric car charging stations are popping up all over the Indianola and Pella areas, but the infrastructure is still in its infancy. But most owners would agree that the most convenient way to charge an electric vehicle is at home. While it might take longer to charge, a home electric car charger will save you the hassle of having to seek out electric car charging stations on the go or to run low on energy and resort to buying gas when you’re out and about. Not only that, public electric car charging stations tend to cost money, so investing in a home electric car charger will once again save you money in the long run.



At DeYarman Automotive Group we are all about giving you the most practical options and helping you save money. Check out our inventory of new vehicles and read on to learn about the electric car charging stations in Knoxville.

Electric Car Charger Types

To find public charging stations in Knoxville we recommend installing an app like Way or Public EV, or checking with your vehicle’s manufacturer. While public charging can be great in a pinch, it isn’t always ideal during peak travel times. The best option for owners of electric vehicles is to invest in an electric car charger to be used at home for overnight charging. 

See the electric car charger types below:

  • Domestic Outlet Home Charging (Regular Outlet) (Level 1 Charging): All new or used electric vehicles at DeYarman Automotive Group include a 110-volt-compatible charging cable that can be plugged into a household three-prong outlet. This is less powerful, so it takes longer to charge; however, an at-home charger can provide 4-5 miles of drive time for each hour it charges which means an overnight (7 hour) charge will power your vehicle for 28-35 miles, ideal for people with relatively short commutes or drive times!
  • Installed Brand-Approved Domestic Charging (Level 2 Charging): If you need a more powerful option for at-home charging, a Level 2 Dual-Level Charger can provide about 25 miles of range per one hour of charging. This type of charger needs to be installed professionally but comes with a changeable plug that is compatible with Level 1 or Level 2 charging – still giving the option to charge overnight and providing tons of additional mileage.
  • Public Charging/DC Fast Charging (Level 2 Charging): Public charging stations can be found in Knoxville at stores, restaurants, parking garages, hotels, etc. Public charging stations labled DC provide a quick and powerful charge, around 39 miles per one hour of charging. 

Are Electric Car Charging Stations Free? 

Electric car charging stations are rarely free. Most have per-minute pricing, and while they can provide a relatively substantial charge in an hour, do you really want to be waiting for your car to charge anywhere other than at work or at home? In short, public charging stations should be used as a backup to your regular at home charger. 

If you want advice on how or what to purchase for your next vehicle, contact the experts at DeYarman Automotive Group so we can help get you started and saving today. 

Learn More about Electric Cars at DeYarman Automotive Group! 

Now that you have the information on how to charge an electric vehicle, come see our available models at DeYarman Automotive Group. We specialize in hybrid and all-electric vehicles and can answer any additional questions you may have on your new or future purchase. 

Contact one of our locations today and see why we’re the EV experts in Knoxville!


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